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Formatrice Arte Bianca

The models are characterized by:


  • Easy of use;

  • Equipped with two resistant felts;

  • 600 chromed rollers;

  • Regulation of cylinders and easy of cleaning

  • Strength and robustness

  • Attention to safety

  • Possibility of adding the ROLL PRESS table 

Formatrice Arte Bianca
planetarie Arte Bianca Italia
Formatrice Arte Bianca
Baguettatrice Arte Bianca


  • machine for the production of baguettes,

  • It rolls and then laminate the dough through 2 pressure cylinders.

  • The rounding takes place by passing through two opposing and adjustable rugs.

  • Simple to clean.

  • Equipped with trolley with wheels.

planetarie Arte Bianca Italia
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